How To Become A Friend of BASCA

logo for friends of BASCA

Our work is so important. Families that include an individual with differences know that taking care of that individual is the focus of the entire family. We are here to support those families, as well as the individuals who do not have families. Your support will help each of our individuals to have a meaningful…

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How you can help support BASCA

BASCA, Inc. is a beacon of hope for the families of adults with disabilities. We provide programs and servicesranging from residential grouphomes to life skills development dayprograms, and in-home supportservices. BASCA depends on the support of our community to help fund the many services we provide. We have been blessed by the support of many…

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Parenting An Adult With Special Needs

older man making a plan of care for special needs adult child

You have been nurturing, teaching, and supporting your special needs child for many years, and now that they are an adult, you know their needs will change. As children age out of care settings and yearn for independence, there are many issues to plan for. Once your child reaches age 18, they may take charge…

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