BASCA's Wall of Color is completed

You can still become a sponsor

Mural Completed

What is BASCA’s Wall of Color?

A beautiful mural painted by local artist Sophie Dentiste. It is also a fundraiser for BASCA.

What does it do?

Every sketch and painting on the mural represents Florida in some way. The murals inspire our participants, family, and community with the beauty that Florida and BASCA have to offer.

Where is it?

One mural is located in the reception area and the other is located on the product wall of the BASCA Bargain Boutique.

How can I be apart of it?

You can be a part of this project by sponsoring a portion of the mural. Your piece will be painted and you are then represented at BASCA. As a business, this will expand your organization’s reach by allowing your company to be recognized. As a person, this serves as a piece in your legacy, something that can never be taken away. Your contribution will remain forever in the lives of BASCA Staff and individuals.

What happens to my money?

All proceeds go towards the Day Programs, so whether you are honoring someone special or recognizing your own organization, you are also helping individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Northeast Florida.


Noted artist Sophie Dentiste has created wall murals specifically for BASCA's campus. The sketches grace the walls of both the reception area and the BASCA Bargain Boutique.

"When I learned of the heart and mission of BASCA and was asked to consider this project, I felt called to use my talents and abilities to shine a light on all that BASCA is accomplishing as they significantly impact the lives of others."

~Sophie Dentiste, artist

Mark your place on "BASCA's Wall of Color" by sponsoring a completed piece.  Call our office at 904-541-1742 for more information or to make your selection.

mural - bird
mural peacock