Friends of BASCA 3

Join Our Village and Become A Friend of BASCA

For as little as $8/month, you can be a part of this important initiative. This Giving Society ensures we can continue to support families and individuals in Northeast Florida to improve their quality of life. With a strong commitment to quality, BASCA proudly continues to provide a forever home to those who desperately need it.

To become a Friend of BASCA, just make a pledge to support our efforts over the next two years. We ask that you give according to your ability, starting at just $8 each month, a pledge of $35 supports one day of our day program, and $84 supports one day in a L.I.F.E. Home. You can also choose to make a one-time donation.  This is not a contract, but a statement of your intent to give.

Our work is so important. Families that include an individual with differences know that taking care of that individual is the focus of the entire family. We are here to support those families, as well as the individuals who do not have families. Your support will help each of our individuals to have a meaningful and safe life.

The benefits of becoming a Friend of BASCA include a quarterly E-newsletter, discounts at our thrift store, The BASCA Bargain Boutique, and a token of our appreciation. Your gift includes a tour of our facilities at any time, including our homes, day program, or offices.  AND, of course, the knowledge that you are helping individuals in need.

Friends of BASCA

Stephen & Margaret Acheson

Ron & Bettie Adams

Ronald and Angie Bare

Tommy Belisario

Mary and Lou Bethea

In Honor of Michael Holliday – Kathleen Blandford

In Honor of Shannon Bray – Jim & Pat Bray

Richard Bultman

Robert & Karen Dailey

Aimee Davidow

Karen Donovan

George Egan

In Honor of Rebecca Frank – Dr. Charles & Julie Frank

In Remembrance of Kitty Bartosik – Edward Gallagher

Cheryl Giron

In Honor of Joey Golon - Cathy Golon

Joe Golon

Doug Heath

Noah & Bonnie Hinton

Bob & Marj Holliday

Paul Isbell

Edward & Beryl Johnson

George Knudsen

Marsha Lee

Doug & Linda Lloyd

Irene Malone

Suzanne & Jack McInerney

Robert & Pat McKinney

Jean & Gary McMahill

Heather Mouhourtis

Ray Niemi & Kendra Robertson

Joseph Power

Jack Ridges

Patrice Sherman

Robert & Mary Anne Smith

Robin Snyder

Jaye Stephens

The Urban Bean Coffee Café

Constance Turner

Elaine Unkles

Jim Wood

Ben Wortham