Life Skills

Custom Creations

The Custom Creations program offers the individual a unique opportunity to participate in an actual work environment. Our program teaches life skills in a worker type environment, through the manufacturing of products that are sold in the community and at our thrift store. Staying on task, accomplishing a goal, and working as a team are just some of values that are taught.

In our program, power tools such as table saws, chop saws, drill presses, routers, etc. have been adapted with safety devices allowing our individuals to operate them with confidence and safely. We have also designed and developed power tools that are not on the market yet. This adapted safety equipment can be used anywhere.

Greenhouse Garden

The BASCA Greenhouse Program is our newest endeavor and it is already a favorite work area for our individuals. The skills they are learning can help them in their home environment and in potential employment in nurseries in our area. It is amazing to see the excitement and pleasure each individual gets from working with the plants and seeing something they planted grow into a beautiful plant or flower.

Life Skills 3

The Life Skills 3 program emphasizes improving the daily living skills of our individuals. An individualized support plan is developed with their Support Specialist focusing on daily living, socialization and communication skills. Daily training works on hand/eye coordination, sensory stimulation, physical exercise and group socialization. Training is conducted in a classroom environment as well as community field trips. The participants develop a comfort level in different situations which ultimately leads them to be more self-confident. The Life Skills 3 program is continuously updated as new techniques and technology come online.