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BASCA’s mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals
with developmental and intellectual disabilities in Northeast Florida


Times Union
article shines light on
BASCA's amazing

From the Executive Director – John Cone

BASCA’s New Campus……An answer to our prayers…

BASCA is now the owner of a 24,000 sq. ft complex on the corner of Stowe Ave. and Smith St.

The year 2014 will forever be a landmark in my mind: proving that hard work, dedication, and faith will reap the greatest rewards.   Paperwork was signed and the buildings that we have so desperately longed for and needed, are ours.  These buildings will not only house our administration but will be a campus that brings together our main programs and activities into one unified location.

Now the real work has begun.  Having been left vacant for many years significant deterioration has occurred.  The cost of renovations is high, to total over $500,000.  Now BASCA needs your support more than ever to assist us in carrying our dream forward.

Volunteers have granted us so many blessings over the years, helping us renovate homes by putting as much sweat as heart into our projects no matter the size.  I believe in the power of people.  I believe that with your help, we can accomplish our goals.

Can you help us paint for a couple of hours one day?  Does your company need to take on a service project?  Do you have any supplies to donate for our offices and grounds?  Would you like to make a donation to name a room?  If so please click here or give us a call.

As we prepare to open our doors, we are reminded of a community full of individuals with disabilities in Northeast Florida who are also waiting for their prayers to be answered….BASCA is here for you.